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If there was ever a comedy of errors, it would be my past few days. Want to know where I’ve been? Great. Happy I’m back? Well, bad news. I’m not. READ ON.

So this is being typed from my phone. My laptop has raided its last Orgrimmar. She’s dead, Jim.

Originally I boiled it down to a RAM error, and was relieved to find that swapping my sticks over was a blanket fix… Until it wasn’t anymore. Basically my computer has hit that age where he’s so eager for retirement that every part is simultaneously jumping for that big processor shop in the sky.

Unfortunately here’s the first issue; I ordered new RAM. It was about $120 because laptop RAM tends to be a fraction more expensive, and then triple that price because Australia likes to do that. I rushed the order because they told me they couldn’t ship it for two weeks, and at the time swapping the sticks over had MIRACULOUSLY FIXED all my problems. As soon as I realised this wasn’t the case, a mere twelve hours later? You bet your ass they’d shipped that RAM. And they are so far ignoring my questions about a refund if I mail the damn thing back.

Anyway, yes. Laptop is having a crisis. Which would be fine if it was a desktop, but my choices now (due to a suspicion that it’s a fault mobo) leave me with the option to replace it, or build a new rig.

Since it’s kinda ancient (in tech terms) now I decided I’d build a new rig. A desktop this time, in case this one picks up his predecessor’s suicidal tendencies. So I put one together with the help of a few friends and a Facebook group chat. The other night I got it all ordered. Many bits of electronic organs are in various parcels on their way to me as we speak.

Thing is, if you know me well enough, you’ll know my family business and home are sort of at risk. Financially we’re okay, but the bank has decided… Nope. They want us to hand over our cards and go elsewhere. I won’t try and explain this issue in a post like this because it’s simply too huge of an affair, but the short of it is I might be out of a house in two weeks to a month. Not sure about that yet.

So it’s all well and good that my computer bits are on their way here, but I might be far, far gone by then. Not to mention putting a computer together in the back of a moving truck between two giant piles of precariously balanced plates sounds like a bad time.

So what’s going on, Mord, you may ask?

I have no idea, Mord says back.

But anyway, as I’m going to be absent from almost all forms of communication for a while, it might be a good idea for me to direct you to my Facebook. It’s about the only place you’ll be able to reach me if need be until either I get stable or, well, whatever. Toss me an add if you need something, and I’ll see you later.

Edit: To add to this, I ordered a different PSU because my original choice would have to be preordered. The replacement is out of stock and the bulk of my PC parts are on hold while they spend a week getting one of those in. This is getting very silly.

The Coven of Tainted Minds during its first few meetings.  We were a guildless, weekly warlock meet-up that actually ended up having a surprisingly decent RP.

Unfortunately due to schedule conflicts and a dwindling interest, the people involved with organizing the events eventually stepped down, myself included.  We had about a eight or nine meetings, all in all, which means we were doing this for about two months or more.

I don’t really know too much about what remains of it, but damn it was fun while it lasted, and I hope everyone else feels the same way.

Long live Warlock RP!